Monday, March 27, 2006

Arrived in New York City Friday 24th March

After leaving EclipseCon at 7:30am I arrived dead tired at Newark airport 7pm New York Time.

Found the bus station at the airport and travelled to the Ports Authority Bus Termin in the heart of New York. The bus driver wasn't too helpful with directions, other than pointing the way to 7th Ave. Since I was on 8th Ave I figured I didn't have far to go.

The Ports Authority is on W 42nd and Affinia Hotel is between W 30 and W 31.
Check this map for an indication of how far I walked wheeling my luggage behind me.

They have high speed internet access in the room but at the rude price of $50 per week.
It was free at the Holiday Inn Santa Clara. What's worse was it stopped working at 1:30am when I wanted to ring Marion. They didn't get it fixed until Sunday morning 10pm.



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