Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday 27th March

Is 11am early?

Anyway, armed with all my trusty tourist handouts from Tina at concierge I caught the subway blue line at Penn Station to Guggenheim. The subway is not that confusing!!!
I managed to work out I needed the AC uptown blue line (and not the AE blue to queens).
But I wondered what the difference between local and express was. Pity the express arrived first.

The express meant that from 59 St it was express to 116 St and I wanted to get off smack in the middle. After hoping off and getting on the local blue line back downtown I jumped off at 86 St and cut across the road through Central Park.

A short walk later I arrived at the Guggenheim to see the David Smith sculpture collection.
Some of his stuff is cool, I prefer the Steel sculptures to the stainless steel ones. I especially liked the large ones that were very minimalistic with wheels on them. Of course I can't find any links to the sculptures I liked. You can buy the book with the sculptures in them, I had a quick browse as I thought Kali should buy it for her Dad (the work reminded me of his exhibition) but the book doesn't do the work justice, you gotta see this stuff in the flesh.

Part of the permanent collection includes some work by Picasso which was nice to see.

Three hours later I've finished the tour and head outside and grabbed a cab to Barnes and Nobles which has 4 floors of books and cds. The prices of stuff is pretty much the same as home and definately didn't have more Dragon Ball Z comics!!! I'll have to try Borders later.

Wandered down broadway past the ticket booth (nothing cheap for lion king, rent, spamalot, producers or stomp) will check again each day.

Past Toys R Us, I love that shop. I want a Hover Copter but I think I will need one with a proper Aussie power supply. And the Star Wars Light Saber Battle Game.

Back towards the hotel and grabbed two slices of pizza. They were ok. Won't bother again.



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