Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Monday's Wanderings

Today was a nice weather day. The rest of the week isn't meant to be as good.
I hope it stays pretty fine so I can get more outdoor stuff done.

Macy's is next door to the hotel so I had a look. It's pretty much like Myer, a couple of interesting things but not at the prices they are asking. (and I don't have any room left in the luggage anyway). Zoomed through the floors quickly so as to not waste too much time and then headed to Penn Station.

I'm getting the hang of the subway thing. Other people are asking me for directions! They must be crazy. I don't know where I'm going. Anyway, took the subway and changed over to the S shuttle between 42nd and Central. You can see in the photos how run down these subways are. No need to build a set for post-apocolyptic movies. Central was quite nice, pity the photos didn't come out too well.

After leaving Central I went looking for the Borders at 461 Park Ave and Chop't on 57 between Madisson and Park. I found Borders first. I love Borders! They had my Dragon Ball Z comics. ALL of em. I bought up!!! USD$7.95 and no postage, bargain. It'd cost me AUD$17.95 back home. Wandered around the sci-fi/fantasy books but couldn't see anything worth buying which is lucky because my Eclipse bag is going to be stuffed full of books as it is.

After Borders I went looking for lunch, I finally found Chop't. I don't know where I read or heard about these people. All I can remember is that someone said that this place should be in Australia and I have to agree. Check out the line up at 1:30pm!!! The line moves pretty quick. They have 3 stations with 3 people at each station. Someone to put your ingredients together and another to chop and put into your bowl. It's not cheap at $9.25 for a salad bowl but it's a huge bowl, I was stuffed afterwards. I chose the Gotham; iceberg lettuce, grilled chicken, black forest ham, white cheddar, tomatoes, beets, crumbled egg, smoked bacon with a smokey bacon russion dressing. If you add up those ingredients from the custom list it would cost $11+.
Chop't feels like one of those franchises that would just take off like subway has.

I was planning on either MoMA or a cycle around Central Park. It was such a nice day I decide Central Park, but I was too stuff from Chop't to go cycling. I bumped into the Zoo while at the park so went it. It is quite tiny but clean and the animals are fun. Wollman Rink was nearby so saw that too, as well as the chess house. The signs in the park say no bicycles so maybe I can only ride round the running track? That was too far away to check out so I went walking back down 6th Ave to see the Rockefeller Center on the way to see about Broadway tickets.

There were quite a few people out the front of Radio City but the Rockefeller Center didn't look appealling to me from the outside so kept walking past to the Broadway ticket booth. I was given a guide which showed what tickets they usually sell there. Of course all the cool shows I would go and see don't go for cheap prices (The Lion King, Monty Python's Spamalot) although looking more closely Rent and Producers have a chance. Rent was going 35% cheaper today.
I think I'd rather see Lion King though. I'll wander to the box office and see what I can purchase they run from Wed-Sat at 8pm, so I will only have Wed and Thursday to choose from.

Had a look at Spoiled Brat on 49 between 8/9 ave, it's a pet store but has mostly dog stuff, so the kittens have lucked out on getting a toy from overseas.

By this time my feet are sore from so much walking, time for another Subway jaunt.
I had been wondering why people say New York is crowded. Admittedly I hadn't been moving around during peak times yet. At 4:30ish the Subway was quite full, enough room to squeeze on but I can see what they mean.

Still need to find a post office to get some stamps so I can send post cards.
The vague directions I was given to the post office (a block over on 8th) didn't help me to find it. On the way back I bought some more groceries and a can of vegie and noodle soup for dinner.

Left on the itineray:
* MoMA
* USS Intrepid
* Central Park (more of it???)
* Broadway Show
* Wall Street
* Statue of Liberty

I might take a tour bus tomorrow on the Downtown loop which will cover some of those.

Now for some sleep.



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