Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Long lines suxor

I shoulda listened more closerly to the concierge when given advice, or at least not be so tired and to think straight.

I paid $37 to get the hop-on-hop-off bus but got off at battery park to see the statue of liberty at 10:30 in the morning and only got back to the mainland at 2:30. It was over 2 hours before I even got into the pedestal and if I hadn't dawdled in the museum part would have been over in 5 minutes.

After that annoying waste of time, I wandered up to wall street (how tiny is that!) and waved at the bull statue as I went past. Then on to ground zero and the church nearby.

At 4:45 I get the hop-on-hop-off bus again (and hell is it cold on the top deck) only to be turfed off at Times Square because this was the last bus. I was hoping to get dropped off at Macy's so I could get warm in the hotel. Instead I wandered to Virgil's BBQ restaurant for a rib + chicken meal. It was worth trying but not worth eating. Anyhoo back to the hotel to warm up. It's not so far from Times Square after all.

One bright note is that the bus went past the Rockefeller building and it did look like I should go have a look. So still to do:

USS Intreprid
Lion King.

The tour driver pointed out Tiffany's but I couldn't see it. Marion didn't really want anything from there anyway. :)



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